Scary: What Bank of America Considers “Suspicious Activity”

My sister received a letter from BoA the other day. The Bank classified as suspicious multiple transfers my sister made from her savings account to her checking account. These transactions were made online .

BoA warned her if such transactions continued, a fee would be assessed. The letter further advised she should visit a local branch or use an ATM to conduct these transactions.

How odd! I recall reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about BoA’s efforts to encourage its customers to transact business online rather than visit a branch.

Plus , how could transferring money from one’s own saving account to own ‘s checking account be suspicious?

This stupidity is why I “bank” at a credit union :-)

Happy Halloween

Who would have thunk it?

Ordered a product via Amazon, delivered by Target . Weird!

There are still bargains out there

Walked in to hairdresser. Received trim for )10.00, :-)

Trickling Springs Creamery: Wholesome Milk & Recycling too


Giving money, unintentionally , to a stranger

This past Friday morning I dropped my car off to the mechanic for service. I thus have to use public transportation to get to work.

I haven’t used metro in some time. When I arrived at the metro station, my SmarTrip card showed $5.30. More than I thought. I passed through the gate and took the escalator to the platform to catch metrorail.

When I arrived at my destination and exited the gate, I decided to add money to my SmarTrip card. When I pressed the card on the panel, it showed a -$.10. What ? Strange. I decided to add. $5.00. When I pressed the card against the panel, it displayed a balance of $2.40, not. $4.90. The machine played an error message. Confused & not happy about the $5.00 disappearance , I decided to speak with a metro official.

Based on my explanation about the sequence of events , the metro personnel explained I didn’t allow the system to clear before adding $5.00. When I asked what happened to my. $5.00, he responded the amount has been added to the card of the individual who used the machine before me. I was too through.

The machine did not indicate another account was active though there was an audible error message after I inserted my $5.00 and pressed my card against the panel.

Can’t believe I lost $5.00. I made some stranger’s day. :-(

Big Sister is “all knowing” as Big Brother (and more efficient too!)

I had a message on my phone last week. It was QVC. The automated message stated my credit card had expired. The automated message explained how I could update my credit card information. QVC wants to ensure I can continue to shop without any difficulties.

How thoughtful of QVC.

Pretty scary. Big Sister knows “all.” And she’s efficient.

How non-profits waste money

Arrived home this evening. I received three identical envelopes, each addressed to me, from The Salvation Army.

Isn ‘t one letter enough?

An absolute waste of money! Charities need to vet their donors’ lists much more carefully .


Why paying with cash is the smart move


Disappearance of the 100 watt crystal clear fluorescent light bulb

I can’t find 100 watt crystal clear light bulbs anymore. I am not a fan of soft white because it does not illuminate as well. So I have resigned myself to purchasing 60 watt crystal clear light bulbs.

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to purchase light bulbs. No 60 watt crystal clear light bulbs on the shelf. Completely sold out! How annoying. I guess there are other consumers like me who want that crystal clear illumination.

I had no choice but to purchase 40 watt crystal clear light bulbs. Bummer.

This has now motivated me to search online for 100 watt crystal clear light bulbs. Unfortunately Home Depot and Lowe’s no longer carry what I need.


Thank God for YouTube

My son will turn 8 months old in two days. I realized the other day that I need to adjust the shoulder straps. First, I guess, like a guy :-) I attempted to adjust the straps without consulting the manual. Not a smart move. So I turned to the manual. It brought to my attention connecting straps on the back of the car seat but it still wasn’t quite clear to me how to adjust the straps.

Then I had a light bulb moment : YouTube.

Of course I have the YouTube app on my smartphone, so I searched for “how to adjust shoulder strap on baby car seat” and the first result demonstrated adjusting a Graco car seat (the same manufacturer of my son’s car seat).

After watching for about 75 seconds, I realized what I needed to do. I stopped the video and adjusted the straps. Then I placed my son in the car seat. Perfect. And he is definitely more comfortable.

IMHO, manufacturers should provide a link to a video (showing all parts , step by step assembling, etc.) in addition to the instruction manual. It is easier to follow visually . {BTW, had no problems assembling my son’s high chair by following written instructions.}

Thank God for YouTube!!!

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