Condo Envy

A blizzard struck the Washington DC metropolitan area 5 -6 February 2010.  I’m snowed in.

When the intensity of the snow began to dissipate around 3:00 p.m., I  shoveled from my back porch to the end of the garage by the alley.

Later, as I rested my sore shoulder, I thought about the snow storm in 2003 when I lived in a condo in SW DC along the Waterfront.  The snow looked so pretty from up above.

The condo fee at Riverside Condominium is high (in part because utilities are not individually metered).  But I never had to shovel any snow.  The condo fee included the cost of snow removal.  And there was never a concern about potentially losing power since electrical lines of the condo are underground.   Plus, I had an underground parking space so my car was only exposed to the elements if I was driving outside.  I look at my car outside, covered in about 20 inches of snow.   At the condo I would have never have had to concern myself with “digging my car out.”

As I look out the window, a high condo fee doesn’t seem too bad.  Right now, I wish I was living in the condo.


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