Fast Food Breakfast & The Great Recession

I read an interesting article in today’s Washington Post entitled Fast-food breakfast sales hit snooze as fewer head to work.  The article is written by Ylan Q. Mui.

The second and third paragraphs of this article state

Breakfast sales had grown at a ravenous pace during the boom years as busy workers scarfed down sausage biscuits on the way to the office, fueling a $57 billion business and accounting for as much as a quarter of sales at some fast food chains.  Chains opened earlier and expanded their morning menus to accommodate the traffic as lunch and dinner sales flatlined.

But as the jobless rate hit 26-year highs fewer people headed to work, and even those who did worried about their spending.  So they poured bowls of cereal at home or simply slept in, putting breakfast on the back burner.

Page A1.

The article profiles one individual who would have breakfast every morning at McDonald’s – a steak, egg and cheese bagel, orange juice and coffee.  Once this individual lost his job, his visits to McDonald’s for breakfast dwindled to twice a week.  The individual now orders from the breakfast dollar menu.

Although fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King are disappointed with slumping breakfast sales, maybe, this trend is a good thing.

Yesterday I attended Rooting DC, an urban gardening forum which promotes gardening as a low-cost way to provide food for families, particularly in those ares of the District of Columbia where fresh food that’s affordable is difficult to find.  The event was well-attended and the workshops informative.

Remember the expression, “you are what you eat”?   If you consume a steak, egg and cheese bagel, orange juice and coffee every work day morning, you are consuming fat, sugar and salt.  The breakfast sandwich sounds artery clogging.  The orange juice is high in sugar (or another sweetener).  Yes, one likely receives a recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.   But eating an orange is the smarter and healthier choice.

Remember the documentary, Super Size Me?  There are so many negative consequences to one’s health ( such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hypertension) from consuming fast food laden with salt, sugar and fat.  Some Americans may believe they are being wise with their money by purchasing breakfast at a fast food chain such as McDonald’s.   Penny wise but pound foolish.  Sure, in the short term, it may seem like a smart move.  But in the long run, such a diet may shorten one’s life or reduce the quality of one’s life.

I hope individuals, whether employed or not, make a concerted effort to eat a healthy breakfast.  The guy who ate that steak, egg and cheese bagel every morning could purchase an 8 pack of flavored oatmeal for about the same price.  To complement the oatmeal, the individual should have a piece of fresh fruit.  Lean meats, small glass (4 to 6 ounces) of milk and/or juice are additional selections to add or substitute.

Save money and eat a healthy breakfast before departing for work.  Or, if yo don’t have time to eat at , then try leaving home earlier and arriving at work earlier with your packed breakfast to eat before the day begins.   I speak from experience.   Yes the “lunch bag” get s a little heavy to carry but by packing my breakfast along with my lunch, I was eating what I liked, it was a lot less expensive than buying breakfast daily and my waist line remained trim.

Enough reasons to stop eating the salt, sugar and fat laden breakfast sandwiches at the fast food chains.


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