Pay Tow Truck with Credit Card? Not so fast.

This morning I waited for my mother to come to my house.  I have a 98-year-old relative (a hospice patient) in my home.  I had to report to D. C. Superior Court this morning because I received a jury summons.

Just before 9:00 a.m. my mother called.  She had just filled her car’s tank.  She then attempted to start the car, without success.  She tried multiple times.  My mother called me after speaking with the mechanic.  The mechanic didn’t have a tow truck .  My mother therefore had to call for a tow truck.

About 10 minutes later my mother called again.  She requested a tow truck.  But there’s one problem — it would take 45 minutes before the tow truck’s arrival.  My mother commented, luckily, she has her credit card with her and would use it to pay for the towing service.

45 minutes.  Yikes!  Hmmm.  I knew I wouldn’t report on time to the courthouse.

45 minutes later my mother calls again.  The tow truck arrived.  Her car was now at the mechanic.  There is one issue however.  The tow truck operator, an independent, small businessman, doesn’t accept credit cards.  Only cash.  My mother asked, do you have $65?

I placed her on hold.  I knew I had $20 in my wallet.  Just need another $45.  I had $30 in my Chimes Ginger Chews 2 oz tin canister for the remainder of the week.  And then I located another $20 I had set aside as extra money (of course stashed somewhere else).

I told my mother I had the money.  When the tow truck operator dropped my mother off at my house, I gave her the $70.

It’s always smart to have cash around the house.  Circumstances may arise where you don’t have access to an ATM.

Of course this evening, after work, I stopped by my credit union and withdrew $100 to replenish my stash of cash at home.

And, btw, I was excused from jury duty.

Not a bad day after all 🙂


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