I Cry “Uncle”

I’ve spent more than a few posts discussing charitable organizations and their practices.  On one day last week  I received six, that’s right, six unwanted solicitations from different charitable organizations.  Enough already!  I decided to make it crystal clear to these charities – stop sending me solicitations – by marking each envelope return to sender.  I deposited those six unwanted solicitations in the mail on Tuesday.

Today four of those letters were returned.  Yikes!  Even the postal service won’t assist me.  On top of that, I received an additional three unwanted solicitations from charities in today’s mail.

Apparently my predicament is my own fault.  According to Charity Navigator if one sends $15, $25, $50 to several charitable organizations, one’s name and address are sold to lots of other charities.  Apparently if you send funds to Charity A, B or C, there is an expectation that you will open your wallet for Charity X, Y or Z.  Not!

I’ve tried being polite by returning unwanted solicitations to charities.  I’ve returned, at my own expense, unwanted “gifts” from charities.  Those organizations that seek to entice you to give by including coins with their requests for a donation, I’ve actually returned such letters with the coins (without a donation) to the charities at my own expense.  Well, not anymore.

So what do I plan to do with unwanted solicitation, i.e., junk mail, henceforth?  If I don’t recognize the name of the charity, I will toss the letter in the trash (recycling).  If the letter include coins, I will remove the coins before recycling the letter and envelope.  The coins will be used toward paying off one of my mortgages.

A DO NOT SOLICIT LIST should be established with regard to charitable organizations.  If one already exists (hey, please let me know), I plan to register.  If one doesn’t, I’ll start one.


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