Social Security Number & Colleges/Universities

When I attended college, I was issued a six digit student identification number. Still remember to this day.  Amazing.  The numbers are hard-wired in my brain.

Several years later, I needed to provide an employer  with my college transcript.  I wrote to my college and included my six digit student identification number and a check for the cost of the transcript.

When the transcript arrived, one thing caught  my attention.  My student identification number was no longer the six digit number I had to write or cite repeatedly during my four year of college.  Instead, the university was now using my social security number as my student identification number.  I never used my social security number as my student identification number during college.  Very unhappy to learn the university had decided the social security number would be the identifier, even for those students who had an assigned identification number.

In March of 2001 however the university was contemplating changing from using SSN as a student’s identifier to a unique student identification number.   Hmm, the  university should have never switched to the SSN,

Link below

A lot of government agencies and private businesses, due to sheer laziness,  started using the SSN as a persona identifier. THIS MUST STOP.

With an explosion  in the rate of identity thefts cases, many government agencies and higher learnings of instruction must go on the offensive .  The first STOP using the SSN.


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