Packing One’s Lunch

Some people can’t figure out “where their money went.”   Often it is not a largest expense but the smaller, daily ones, that seem so trivial, which definitely have a huge impact on one’s budget.

Do you buy lunch daily?  Let’s say lunch costs $5 per day.  That’s $25 per week or $100 per month.  Okay, that $1,200 per year.  And you say you don’t have extra money to save or pay down debt?

Obviously, you still have to pay money for making your own lunch but packing your lunch daily is still cheaper than buying daily.

And you can make your homemade lunch as boring or as exciting as you like.  It should be something you like since you prepare it.  🙂

But, if you are presently in the habit of buying your lunch daily, slowly wean yourself from this habit.  Prepare a lunch one a week, then twice a week, then three times a week, etc.   Take it slow.  Over time, you should find it easier and much cheaper when packing your lunch. Hopefully, the lunch you pack will be healthier or as healthy as what you buy.

And, you’ll notice more money in your wallet.  That should definitely bring a smile to your face.


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