Bottled Water vs. Filtered Tap Water

Boy, we Americans sure got suckered into buying bottled water.   Maybe, you are a little savvy if you purchase  a pack of 24 bottles on sale for $4.00.  Shame on you if you pay $1.25 or $1.50 at an eatery for bottled water.

The use of bottled water by many Americans (including myself) has contributed to a significant pile of plastic bottles at our landfills.  Even if Deer Park & Poland Springs use 30% less plastic for the bottled water, it’s still too much unnecessary trash.

From an economic standpoint, it makes sense to drink your tap water (filtered).  The cost of a filtration system will quickly pay for itself.   And, if you use a stainless steel or other reusable bottle, you definitely earn the ‘green prize.’   (And, I’ve practiced what I preach.)

But you think, aah, the taste.  Bottled water is superior in taste to tap water, right?  Well, there have been blind taste tests.  And tap water has repeatedly (and unexpectedly) won as best tasting water.

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and drink filtered tap water.


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