Mother’s Day

When I was younger, we celebrated Mother’s Day by fixing my mother a special breakfast, cleaning the house or ordering a special dessert.

As adults we tend to treat my mother to a meal at a restaurant.  But my mother detest crowds (when we were younger, she would take us to the beach early in the morning.  By 10:30 a.m., as the crowds would begin to build, we would pack up and leave.  It fostered a desire in me – I wish we owned our own beach!).  So we celebrate Mother’s Day the Sunday after.

There are a few benefits.  We don’t pay the “jacked up” prices restaurants charge for Mother’s Day.  Two, there are no crowds.  And therefore, three, we can sit leisurely at the restaurant and enjoy our meal, without a waiter/waitress waiting impatiently for us to depart so the next family can sit down for their Mother’s Day meal.


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