A reason to use bottled water


That’s your gut reaction.  The bottled water industry is not regulated or regulated less stringently than tap water.   Second, those plastic bottles are filling up our landfills.  Third, how do we know the water’s source – from a spring versus filtered tap water.   Fourth, did you not see the documentary, FLOW:  For Love of Water?

I agree with all the above points but if you reside in the District of Columbia, bottled water is far less threatening that tap water.

Federal and local political leaders, D.C. parents and health advocates reacted Thursday with a mixture of anger and fear to news that a federal agency mislead them about the harm that lead in the District’s water had caused – – and might still be causing.

The furor came as a House investigative subcommittee released a report showing that the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knowingly used flawed data when telling D.C. residents that their health hadn’t been harmed by spikes in lead in the drinking water in 2004.  The investigation, the subject of a congressional hearing Thursday, also disclosed new cause for alarm:  Internal CDC research shows that an effort to fix the lead problem since 2004 puts residents in 9,100 D.C. homes at much higher risk of lead poisoning.

Some city parents, along with Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), accused the CDC of engaging in a coverup to shield the water utility and federal regulators from blame.

From the May 21, 2010 edition of The Washington Post, written by Carol Leonning (Staff  Writer), page B05.

The third to the last paragraph of this article states

The congressional investigation placed most of the blame for the 2004 report on Mary Jean Brown, the CDC’s director of lead poisoning prevention.  It found that she ignored missing data and contrary conclusions.  She gave her fellow authors three hours to review her analysis before publication.

OUTRAGEOUS.  Mary Jean Brown obviously does not care for the children of the District of Columbia. And I doubt she lives in the District of Columbia.  She likely lives in the ‘burbs (MD or VA).   I can’t imagine Mary Jean Brown is a mother because she had NO regard for the children of the District of Columbia.

The CDC, a federal agency, KNOWINGLY used false data.  You can’t trust big corporations and you certainly cannot trust Federal Government agencies.

And not every resident can afford to purchase New Wave Enviro Products, Inc .’s 10 stage water filter (which does remove lead) at an approximate cost of $150.00 and then purchase a replacement filter yearly at an approximate cost between $50 and $65.

So, under such circumstances, wouldn’t you purchase bottled water?


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