Thank you for the birthday check but I can’t accept

Yesterday was my birthday.  On Friday I received two birthday cards in the mail.  One card contained a check in an amount equal to my age ($1 for each year; cute). 

A very nice gesture but I could not accept.  I wrote a letter to my friend, thanking her for her thoughtfulness.  In returning the check I asked her to spend it on herself or, apply the amount to some outstanding debt.

Also, in the letter, I told my friend what meant so much to me and my immediate family was her taking the time to stop by my great aunt’s wake and leaving a card with a donation payable to a senior center in my great aunt’s memory.

A friend like that is so precious. 

I have enough things.  In this consumer-oriented society there’s always something one desires [or the desire is created by all the advertisements].  It’s more important to me that my friend focuses on getting her financial house in order.  And returning her check is one small step in achieving that goal.


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