The Credit Freeze Truly Works

For my birthday my sister and brother-in-law gave me a gift card to purchase an iPhone.  Late this afternoon my sister and I visited the Apple Store at Pentagon City Mall.

I was so excited.  Couldn’t wait to get my new iPhone. Yet, there was one problem.

To set up service with AT&T, there needs to be a credit check.  I tell the sales associate, Keith, I have a credit freeze in place. 

AT&T is unable to determine my credit rating and asks for the 4 digit pin.  I can’t provide because I didn’t have it own me.    So, bummer, will have to wait a few days before I get my new iPhone.

I was given the 888 number for the specific credit reporting agency that AT&T sought to obtain information.  Will need to verify which one and then call tomorrow and request a temporary lift of the freeze.

I experienced this on one other occasion.

It’s been so long since I obtained my cell phone with Sprint (there’s no credit check with Boost Mobile), that I completely forgot that AT&T would request to review my credit history.

It’s a hassle (being unable to proceed with a transaction because of the freeze, having to contact the credit reporting agency and requesting a temporary lift of the freeze) but it’s worth it to avoid my identity being stolen.


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