That’s what friends are for

In a previous post I discussed returning a birthday check I received from a friend.  I mailed the check with a card thanking my friend and asking her to put that money to some other use.  I mailed the check on Saturday.

Although my friend and I had communicated by e-mail, Tuesday, she had not mentioned the returned check so I e-mailed her today.  I began the e-mail

Assuming you received my card in the mail.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness but I just could not accept.

My friend replied to my message.  She wrote

Yes, my Dad gave me the mail this morning.  I understand.  I was trying to do something for you since you have been a very good friend/financial advisor to me.  I am slowly crawling out of debt.

I’m glad my friend understood 🙂  And I want her to QUICKLY crawl out of debt.  By returning that check I wanted my friend to know I support her and to continue on course.  That debt will be disappear soon enough.


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