Miffed: expired merchandise on the shelf

On Sunday I was running around attempting to accomplish a variety of  tasks on my “to do list.”  I stopped by a grocery store and stood in an aisle.  Did I have mayonnaise at home or not?   Hmmm, I cannot recall.  Do I have relish at home or not? Same answer.  I ultimately decided not to purchase mayo believing I had purchased  mayo recently but did purchase the relish.

I return home with the groceries.  I was correct – I didn’t have relish.  I apparently also didn’t have mayonnaise.

After swinging by the Apple Store at Pentagon City Mall,  I stopped by a locally owned chain of organic grocery stores called Yes.  After a few minutes walking the aisles, I locate the mayonnaise, grab the first one  I see, proceed to the checkout line to pay for the mayo and depart the store.

Once I’m settled at home I decide to fix tuna salad sandwiches for the week.  I open two cans of tuna and dump the contents into the bowl.  Then I reach for the new bottle of mayo I purchased.  In turning the bottle around to remove the covering, I notice the expiration date is July 12, 2010.  I was fixing my tuna salad sandwiches on August 8, 2010, almost a month later.  I was mad!

I nonetheless used the expired mayonnaise since I had opened two tuna cans.  Then, to make matters worse, after using the expired mayonnaise, I find on the counter, behind some other items, mayonnaise I had purchased about two weeks before at another natural/organic grocery chain, MOM [My Organic Market].  That mayonnaise has an expiration date of February 2011.

I know that as the consumer I should have checked the expiration date before purchasing the mayonnaise.  But, what about the merchant?  Shouldn’t he sell goods that are not expired?

The particular grocery store, Yes, has been accused of selling outdated merchandise in the past (discussions on the Brookland list serve).  IMHO, Yes is expensive; I rather shop at  MOM.

And, yes, I plan to toss out the expired mayonnaise!!



  1. August 10, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    I would bring it back. A good store will take it! Of course that’s time out of your day – again.

  2. August 11, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    You’re right. But likely won’t (as you say, have to make another trip & thus time out of my day).

    What bothers me is the management. I read several complaints in the past about expired merchandise on a local list serve. You would think management would changes its practices.

    I’ll call and complain or just send an e-mail detailing while I won’t waste my time or hard earned dollars patronizing that store. Hmmm, that’s better than a refund 🙂

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