Dave Ramsey AXED by Fox Business Network (FBN)

Okay, some of you are thinking – where have you been?  I’ve mentioned before and I’ll state again – I don’t have cable or satellite tv.

So how did I become aware of this news flash belatedly?  While speaking with a friend on Friday, she mentioned how she had not watched The Dave Ramsey Show on FBN since moving in late February.  She tuned in early that week to watch Dave Ramsey but he was not on the air.  She told me someone else is now in Dave Ramsey’s time slot.

I told her I would seek an answer using Google.  I learned FBN dumped Dave Ramsey in late June (I think around June 24th).  Dave Ramsey will continue to make spot appearances on other FBN shows until his contract expires.

One website quoted an anonymous source at FBN who basically said Dave Ramsey was boring and that Dave Ramsey thought he was like “Dr. Phil.”  Wow, pretty harsh.   Found another website that disclosed the news and read all the posted comments.  Except for one, all other comments supported Dave Ramsey, were displeased with FBN’s decision and many stated they would cancel their subscription to FBN.

I guess the most ironic thing is the TIMING.  We are still living through the Great Recession and there are concerns about a double dip recession or even deflation.  Americans need sound, practical, straightforward advice about personal finance and Dave Ramsey delivers such a message.   And, I recall, when FBN first announced Dave Ramsey would be part of its line-up, FBN talked about a having a host speaking to Main Street and not Wall Street.

Well, apparently, that Main Street talk didn’t impress the powers that be at FBN.  No more Dave Ramsey.  Too bad.

Hey, you can still listen to him on the radio (or podcast his show).  And, if the ONLY reason why you subscribed to FBN was because of Dave Ramsey, you’ve now found some extra money!


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