The value of a Subaru (not what you’re thinking!)

I purchased my Subaru Forester in November 1999.   Why did I select that vehicle?   Practical, no frills, safety, longevity, sufficient space to transport bulkier merchandise.

The Subaru Forester was the first of the “small SUVs.”  Since it was the pioneer small SUV, people didn’t know what to call it.  On several occasions someone would say, what is that, a station wagon? No, that’s the Subaru Outback [looks like a station wagon & that’s why I didn’t purchase that model].  I love the fact that the Subaru Forester is built on a car stock, not a truck stock.  I don’t need a stepping stool to climb into my Forester.

A few weeks ago I arrived at work with a book about living car-free.  One of the security personnel saw that and said to me, car-free living?  You already take public transportation to work (true).  He then said, don’t you drive a Subaru?  I replied yes.  He said, you have nothing to worry about, the car will outlive you.

The longevity and practically of a Subaru is well-known.   But I learned on Sunday that this car has another potential value.

I was on my way to the Apple Store in Arlington, Virginia.  While driving through downtown DC, near the convention center, I stopped at a red light.  The driver in the car to  my right caught my attention.  He asked me if I liked my Subaru.  I replied yes.  He told me was considering buying a Subaru and wondered if I’m pulled over often by the police because I drive a Subaru.  What??  He wanted to know if , in my experience, a Subaru is a type of car police will target?  Really bizarre questions.  How should I respond?  The only thing I could say was that Subarus are known for their practicality.  The light turned green and I gladly accelerated.

Now, if that was a pick-up line, a way to start a conversation, that guy should drop that line of inquiry.  However, if it wasn’t a pick-up line, and the guy truly wanted to know if police target Subarus or not, I don’t want to know his intentions or what activities he hopes the police do not uncover.

Who would have ever suspected that Subarus may be the choice of the discriminating criminal to be unassuming.


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