Return to Sender – Not!

Last week I finally made it to the post office.  I had three unsolicited gifts from three different charities and I couldn’t wait to return them to the senders.

When I approached the postal employee and informed her I wished to return these packages to the senders, she looked at the packages, noticed that each item was from a non-profit organization and told me she could not process my request.

Apparently these non-profit organizations cannot afford the fees associated with packages returned to them.  These non-profit organizations thus have asked the post office not to return items to them.

So, I’m stuck with these three unsolicited gifts from charities!  These charities don’t want to pay the postage for the packages being returned to them, yet they continue to send out mailings asking if I’ve received the gift?  What a bunch of baloney.

I have in my possession: (a) from the Disabled Veterans National Foundation a patriotic tote bag [described as a new, free tote bag; so if it’s free, why are you asking for a donation], (b) a polar fleece blanket from St. Labre Indian School [this organization sent me the same gift last year which I returned by paying the postage] and (c) a polar fleece blanket from St. Bonaventure Indian Mission & School.

What shall I do?  The tote bag I will likely keep.  It is apparently strong and “weather resistant.”  The two polar fleece blankets, I’ll donate to a homeless shelter.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – these charities need to STOP sending unsolicited gifts.   With the ongoing “Great Recession”, charities need to spend money wisely as donations have dried up.  Sending unsolicited gifts – hoping that the recipient will send a donation –  is very unwise.


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