Follow-up Wedding $$$

I spent more on my attire for the wedding than I had planned. I sought advice from my fashion consultant, my sister. I would be attending an evening wedding, black tie optional. My sister suggested I wear the bridesmaid dress from her wedding 6 years ago.

So that Friday night, 2 days before the wedding, I pulled out that bridesmaid dress. No, fit was not an issue. The problem turned out to be the zipper. I noticed the zipper looked a little off but I opened the zipper w/out difficulty. However after I stepped into the dress and zipped it up, I couldn’t unzip it. After trying to unzip the dress for about 20 minutes, I pulled out a pair of scissors and cut along the zipper until I freed myself. What a disaster.

If the zipper had worked, the only thing I would have needed to purchase was a black shawl. Because the zipper didn’t work, I had to assemble an entire outfit.


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