Wedding $$$$$

Readers of this blog may get the impression that I’m a cheapsake.  I’m really not.  I’m economical in handling my personal funds.

I know I preach a lot about saving money and being a wise spender of one’s money, but even occasionally, I just go “buck wild” and spend.

At least, there was a reason for my spending spree:  a wedding.  The wedding was on Sunday evening, September 5th in Baltimore.  Of course, I purchased everything I needed the day before (yes, I can be a procrastinator).

Let’s see,

$42.39 for a dress at Macy’s;

$77.94 for (1) a necklace, (2) earrings and (3) a shawl at Macy’s;

$65.61 for (1) a pair of  shoes and (2) handbag at DSW;

$75.00 gift card [Crate&Barrel] for the newlyweds.

And, since I live in DC and the wedding was an evening affair in Baltimore, $163.45 for the hotel {Renaissance Harborplace} with parking including [luckily I opted to park myself rather than elect to use valet service.  Self-parking added $26 to the total bill; if I had opted for valet parking, it would have cost $36].

In total I spent $424.39 [excluding gasoline].

I charged for all expenses [minus the gasoline] but have already paid the bill online.  I didnt’ “budget” for this wedding so I’ve used a chunk of my savings.   Now will have to rebuild my savings.  But attending this wedding and celebrating this special moment of a former intern was well worth every penny.


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