On strike

Unemployment is close to double digits nationally (not sure of the percentage in Prince George’s County, Maryland). Nevertheless the bus drivers of the transit bus service in Prince George’s, otherwise known as “The Bus” (I know, not very creative), are on strike.

Monday morning I stood at Greenbelt Metro Station waiting for the earliest arrival of one of three buses. At 8:30 am I didn’t see The Bus, Route 11. That’s odd. But, I thought, maybe there’s an accident nearby & the bus is delayed.

Tuesday morning, again at Greenbelt Metro Station. I notice there are no buses idling across the way. It’s a momentary observation. I completely forget about as I board a metro bus.

During work later that day my boss remarks, You are aware The Bus drivers are on strike? My response – that’s why I didn’t see The Bus.

I confirmed my boss’ information – WTOP.com has a brief article about the strike.

The strike continues this morning. Wow, from the drivers’ perspective things must be bad to strike in this economy.

It is strange to strike at this time. The company could easily find replacements with such a high unemployment rate.

Hope the dispute is resolved soon. Luckily I have other options (2 metro buses or walking).


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