Sayonara Washington Post

My late great aunt was a dedicated reader of The Washington Post.  My mother paid for a subscription for three months at a time.  My great aunt passed on July 18th.  The subscription expired September 4th.

I didn’t call the Post on the 4th, a holiday weekend.  My plan was to shift from daily to Sunday only, because frankly, I’m too busy to read the newspaper daily.

As the date (September 14th) for the primary approached, I read with interest the many articles about Mayor Fenty versus his challenger, Council Chair Vince Gray.  After a while, I began to perceive a distinct impression.  The Washington Post’s coverage was not objective and was slanted (outside the editorial page).  Okay, The Washington Post was really pushing for Mayor Fenty.  Okay, that’ s its viewpoint.

But what really turned me against The Washington Post was  that it presented everything in racial terms.  Blacks think this, Whites think that.

Hmmm, The Washington Post is not enlightened enough to conduct polls based on income, or educational background, or religious affiliation or even political viewpoints.   And I cannot recall one instance, for any of the counties surrounding the District of Columbia, e.g., Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, St. Mary’s County, where polls were conducted based on race.  However, in the District of Columbia, The Washington Post loves to stoke emotions by discussing race, race, race, race, race.

Chief Justice Roberts stated in a 2007 opinion,

The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.

The Washington Post and other local media apparently have never internalize these words.  Let me paraphrase Chief Justice Roberts words in a way the local media will hopefully understand.

The way to stop racial disharmony in the District of Columbia is to stop fomenting racial disharmony in the District of Columbia.

I can function without a daily newspaper such as The Washington Post.  Two things matter to me:  (a) weather forecast and (b) crime in my area [not even traffic].  The weather forecast I can learn from the web or a radio station.  In terms of crimes in my area, The Washington Post would publish such information once a week (Thursday) and some of that info was dated.  I subscribe to Every Block which provides daily information about crimes, requests for services and homes for sale.  That’s all the information I need.

Since we are experiencing the “great recession,” I need to reduce expenses anyway I can and live within my means.  I don’t need to waste my time on an inflammatory publication.  Heck, I can  just listen, for free, to certain talk shows on the radio for inflammatory viewpoints.

I stopped delivery of The Washington Post on Monday, September 13th, the day before the primary.  I had to pay $5.80 for the extra week or so of delivery.  The money was owed.  A price worth paying for peace of mind.

I now understand the expression, ignorance is bliss.  No more Post; no more aggravation about its coverage.  Life is good.


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