No gym membership required

I have a dog. He needs to be walked daily. We used to be able to cover considerable areas in a short period of time. My beagle however is now 11 years old. He’s slowed down tremendously. Yet he still insists on walking the same distance.

At first I was a little frustrated because of how slowly he moved. If I allowed him to walk in front of me (to give him a head start), he would walk only
a few feet, then stop and turn to me.

I finally devised a solution to adjust to Bobby’s much slower pace. When I walk him, I kick my right leg across toward the left. With the next step I kick my left leg across toward the right. I’ll do this sequence of exercises for up to 40 minutes.

It’s definitely a workout. Drivers traveling along the path I walked have remarked, “you get a workout doing that” to “are you a professional dancer?” Of course I’ve also received puzzled glances.

But those stares don’t concern me. I am no longer frustrated as I walk my dog. And if my thighs could speak, they would declare, “it’s about time!”


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