Consumer Reports on Money

If you can afford to subscribe to only one personal finance publication, spend your hard earned dollars on Consumer Reports on Money.

Like it better known predecessor, Consumer Reports, the on Money publication accepts no advertisements. Thus Consumer Reports on Money is able to be more frank about mutual funds without the fear that a mutual fund company will yank its advertisements if reviews are too critical.

Each Consumer Reports on Money issue consists of 16 pages. Each issue has a checklist to organize your financial life (this former Air Force Officer LOVES checklist). For the October 2010 issue the five items on the checklist are 1) cyber security awareness month, 2) draw up a budget for holiday gifts, 3) review your employee benefits, 4) if you filed for an extension on your tax return, October 15th is your day of reckoning, and 5) take advantage of seasonal sales on bicycles, gas grills, and winter coats.

Other regular features include “This
Month’s Money Tips,” “money savers,” “family money,” “Money Lab” (detailed analysis on a particular financial topic, and “retirement guy.”

Check out Consumer Reports on Money. It is definitely money well spent.


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