Gift card instead of credit card

I wish there was a way to pay for services online with cash. I tried the equivalent, using my debit card until someone recently made unauthorized purchases on my debit card,

The next best thing is a gift card. Yesterday evening I stopped by a local Radio Shack to purchase a $15 gift card. (To deter unauthorized use, the Radio Shack employee must activate the gift card upon purchase).

I purchased a $15 iTunes gift card more than a month ago but I cannot find in my house.

What’s great about iTunes is one must redeem the full value of the gift card. It’s then easy to add more money to one’s account. And what I especially love about iTunes is the fact it maintains the loose change in your account. I had $0.42 sitting in my iTunes account for more than a year before adding $15 last night.

I wish other companies would provide such a service. For example it would be great if had such an account.

Apple is the leader when it comes to innovation. Other companies should follow Apple leads.

Meanwhile, need to find that Borders gift card with less than $5 remaining. Annoying!


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