Pay Days: Biweekly

When I was in the military I was paid twice a month, on the 1st and 15th.

In my present position I’m paid every two weeks.

I like the bi-weekly system because, twice a year, you receive three paychecks a month (instead of just two paychecks).

Today was payday as well as one of those triple payday months.

It feels wonderful to have that extra paycheck, but it slips through your fingers before you know it.  Car insurance, car registration, principal payment on a mortgage quickly slashes that extra paycheck.  Then those recurring expenses (food, transportation, car maintenance fund) don’t disappear and must be satisfied.  [Interestingly, the financial burden of car ownership is readily apparent.]

Look forward to a day in the future when the extra paycheck received twice a year can be devoted entirely to spending as I please.


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