If you own an iPod, iPhone, iPad or other Apple products, all hardware are made in China

Driving home this evening I heard a report on PRI: The World.  Are you aware that only the software for Apple products are made in the United States?  All hardware are made in China. 

How many of us will stop buying Apple products because most of the components are made in China?  Likely not any of us.  I own two Apple products and am satisfied with both.  So, that makes me a hypocrite too!

Frankly, the horse is out of the barn.  Many products or components of products are made outside the United States.  So, it’s almost impossible to avoid buying products made in China.

But one can still make an effort to purchase products made in America.

Meanwhile, today, I received in the mail the Holiday 2010 catalog from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc. (still scratching my head, what did I sign to receive this catalog?).  Anyway, in perusing the catalog there are products identified as  made in the U.S.A., or Virginia or Oregon, or Maryland (of course, nothing is made in the District of Columbia).  There are products made in Italy (several) and Sheffield, England (one).  The description of some products states “imported” while many others do not identify a country of origin. 

I wonder if this “high brow” catalog does not want to acknowledge items made in China.  The most expensive item I found in the catalog is “Monticello Joinery Campeachy Chair” for $1,450.00.  Hey, that’s someone’s monthly mortgage!  Anyway, if you’re interested, check out http://www.monticellocatalog.org.


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