The Wall Street Journal

I’ll never forget my first semester at Rutgers College.  Among the courses I took that semester was The Nature of Politics, a 101 level course.  Most professors who taught the course began with Aristotle and Plato.  My professor (whose name I cannot recall) started with Machiavelli’s The Prince.

I cannot recall if this was during the 1st couple of weeks or later during the semester, but the professor asked the class, “What is the most important newspaper in the United States?”  Students offered varying answers, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe.  In response to each answer the professor declared, “no.”  He ultimately told us (but cannot recall if a student provided the answer).  The most important newspaper in the United States of America is the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal?  I and my classmates scratched our heads.  Why?  The professor explained, in essence, the United States of America is a capitalistic nation and the Wall Street Journal reports and provides insight about how capitalism is functioning (or words to that effect).

At the time I didn’t truly appreciate what that professor was saying, though I ultimately did minor in Economics (along with a double major in English & History – and you wondered why I’m long-winded at times!). 

Today however I understand the wisdom of those words spoken by my college professor.  My boss has subscribed to the Wall Street Journal for the past three or so years.  During 2008 I read the Wall Street Journal every day during lunch.  This publication provided detailed analysis and insight about the financial matters rocking the United States and global markets during 2008.  Where would I have been if I didn’t have the  Wall Street Journal during the financial crisis of 2008?

At one point my boss received two copies of the Wall Street Journal delivered at his door.  He would bring the extra copy to work and give to me.   Later however he received one copy only.  He was (and still is) kind enough to bring the Wall Street Journal to work so I may peruse during lunch.

For the past few weeks I’ve been debating whether to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.  My biggest concern, how much will a year’s subscription cost?  My boss told me he paid quarterly.  The Money Heifer, was in search of a deal.

Well, the deal fell into my lap today.  Corresponded with a friend by e-mail.  I mentioned in my e-mail about not subscribing to any newspaper.  He responded he subscribes to the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.  I then shot a reply, how much does your Wall Street Journal  subscription cost?  And do you know if any “new year deals” are offered? (I was considering beginning my subscription in the new year).

In his reply my friend told me he could set me up with a one year subscription (with online access) for $119.  Yes, I pounced!  Within about 30 minutes or so, my friend told me “he had made it so” (not actually in those words).  I promised to mail him a check for $119 on Friday (payday; of course I did not budget for such an expenses, but luckily for me,  my TSP-1 Election Form was sent to the wrong office and thus my retirement deduction won’t see the light of day until the last paycheck in November.

I so look forward to receiving  and reading the Wall Street Journal.


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