Which Membership Provides the Better Discount?

For those on Facebook – I apologize but you are receiving this for the 2nd time.  Initially placed this post on the wrong blog.

Last Saturday evening I realized I had not reserved a rental car for an upcoming trip. I am a member of USAA and I receive up to 25% discount with Avis or Hertz.

I logged onto the Avis website and looked for a vehicle that met my needs and obtained a quote. I then logged onto the Hertz website and repeated the process. These quotes did not include the up to 25% discount for a USAA member.

I then realized I had overlooked that I am also a member of AAA.  With this membership I can obtain discounts renting from Hertz. So, two memberships provide discounts with Hertz. But which one provides the better discount?

The back of my AAA card lists the discount code. I entered this info on the Hertz website and then obtained a quote for the vehicle that met my needs. My problem was I didn’t have a comparable code for my USAA membership thus I could not determine if this membership provided a better discount. I didn’t want to call on a Saturday evening because I wasn’t sure if the call would be answered by someone outside the United States.

Sunday morning, about 11:00 a.m., I decided to visit Union Station, the location where I intended to pick up the rental car. Extremely disappointed to learn that the Hertz employee could not assist me. He directed me to the website to make a reservation (I could not make a reservation at the pick up/drop off site). I explained to him that I was attempting to compare discounts, didn’t have the code for one of the memberships and thus logging onto the web wasn’t the answer. I asked for the toll

Monday morning I called that Hertz toll-free number. The employee who answered my call found that the AAA membership provided the greater discount versus USAA. Needless to say, I reserved the car with my AAA membership.

Remember, it pays to comparison shop. And it pays to be persistent.


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