Fruit Ninja

A few months ago my sister & brother-in-law gave me a gift card for my birthday to purchase an iPhone.   Months later I don’t know how I lived without one for soooooooo long.

I have all three e-mail accounts loaded onto the iPhone.  This allows me to be much more efficient with sorting through e-mail and responding timely to the occasional e-mail I receive from  my tenant.

I’ve uploaded “free” apps such as Facebook, WordPress and BBC News.  I’ve purchased apps ranging from “Debt Snowball” to “iPiggy” from  “Bike Repair” to “C25K.”

A colleague at work has an iPhone.  During a couple of our weekly lunches he’s mentioned different games apps that he purchased.  As he described them, the games are silly but fun.

The discussion about those games intrigued me.  I finally checked out the Apps Store and scrolled through the “featured” apps.  One title caught my attention, Fruit Ninja.  (Hey, I’m a fan of ninjas and samurai.  Maybe I read too many comic books when I was younger.  🙂  But they’re cool and my interest in them sparked my interest in Japanese history and culture.)

I read the description for Fruit Ninja.  Seemed like a fun game.  And the price was right, 0.99 cents (though, hey, I was charged sales tax, so total cost was $1.05.  I don’t recall paying sales tax before.  Maybe I’ve overlooked in the past).

Anyway, once the game was loaded onto my iPhone, I tried it out.  Totally awesome game!  I am hooked.

And, what variety.   You have a choice of games: (a) classic, (b) arcade mode and (c) zen mode.  Though I started with the classic game,  I’m more fond of the arcade mode.  But, what I like about the classic game is the Sensei’s Fruit Fact after the completion of each game.   An example, “Over 1,200 varieties of watermelons are grown worldwide in 96 countries.”

If you haven’t played Fruit Ninja, I recommend it.  It’s fun.  It’s inexpensive.  And, if you don’t like it, it only cost you 0.99 cents or $1.05 (with the sales tax), so no regrets.

I plan to revisit the Apps Store soon for more entertaining games!


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