Why I avoid early bird shopping on Black Friday

Due to an experience years ago as a child. Back then, living in the DC area stores, would offer significant discounts on back to school supplies. My mother, a widow with three children, would take advantage of these sales.

I recall in particular Montgomery Ward (no longer in existence) offering discounted back to school supplies. We typically patronized the Montgomery Ward at Wheaton Plaza in Montgomery County, Maryland. One year, for reasons I cannot recall, we patronized the Montgomery Ward at Capital Plaza in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

My family and I waited outside the doors of this Montgomery Ward to open at 10:00 or 11:00 am on a Sunday morning. There were other customers waiting. The gathering crowd was a bit rowdy. A couple of minutes before the doors opened one gentleman announced, “Ladies and children, I’m here to get those school supplies, so make sure you step aside because I’m getting mine,” or words to that effect. Maybe the guy thought he was funny. I thought, what a weirdo.

A couple of minutes later the doors of the store opened and customers rushed toward the entrance. I was pushed from behind (hey, watch it). When my family and I reached the area of the store to select our school supplies, people were pushing and grabbing. My mother almost fell.


Needless to say, we NEVER patronized the store at Capital Plaza again.

One should not be injured or killed shopping for discounted merchandise. But people lose common sense at these early bird Black Friday sales.


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