Darn it, not in my budget

I usually have a good grasp of upcoming expenses and when they will occur. But I forgot about the McAfee protection for both my PC and my laptop.

For the PC, I last purchased a protection plan three-years ago (and forgot this year was the end of the three-year period). Since money is so tight, I don’t have sufficient disposable funds to cover an unanticipated three-year plan. So this evening I purchased the one year plan. With sales tax [wish those online transactions were free of sales tax] it set me back $84.79. Now I need to find money out of my next paycheck to cover this expense.

And there’s still the cost for the laptop. I know I need to renew before the end of the year. I will also select a one year plan. And I again must somehow find money in the budget to cover this unanticipated expense.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about viruses, etc. and thus wouldn’t need to buy an anti-virus product. I know, that’s not the real world.

This won’t happen again. Will add McAfee to my list of yearly expenses.


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