What a Scrooge!

Sorry to say this last post just before Christmas is not joyous or jolly.

Who is the Scrooge? The outgoing Mayor of the District of Columbia, Adrian Fenty. What has he done?

As reported on wtop.com yesterday, two council members (no, Jack Evans is not one of them) have asked Mayor Fenty to restore funds for job training. The WTOP article is entitled, “Fenty transfers DC jobs money to pay staff.”

According to the two council members, Fenty has redirected $495,000 from job training to cover separation pay for his political appointees. (as my brother-in-law stated, wow, what a Christmas bonus).

A Fenty spokesperson responded, the “surplus” $495,000 has not been taken from job training, BUT from that portion of the job training budget designated for monitoring the job training program’s performance.

Here’s a word apparently unfamiliar to Fenty and his spokesperson: DEFICIT.

Fenty will leave office soon and the District of Columbia has about a $118 million deficit.

One way Fenty attempted to close the deficit was to cut the Healthy Food program for DC Public Schools and redirect those funds elsewhere. Advocates worked hard to get such a program implemented & the Council, particularly CM Cheh, worked hard to find funds to support the program (essentially serving healthy meals at schools using local produce when possible, eliminating sugary drinks, etc. For more details, see Ed Burske’s blog, The Slow Cook). Fortunately advocates and citizens pushed back and the Healthy Food program has been saved.

Political appointees should be well aware their positions are not guaranteed. They could be let go at any moment.

The fact that Fenty is more concerned about his political appointees versus the health of children in the District of Columbia speaks VOLUMES.

I hope there will be sufficient pressure to force Fenty to change his mind. And why only 2 council members “raising cane”?

Thanks, Dear Scrooge Fenty for the lump of coal you dropped into the stockings of all DC residents.

Maybe Scrooge isn’t the right word.

More appropriate words are “thief” or “crook” (as noted by individuals posting comments in response to the story).

Merry Christmas, readers of The Money Heifer!


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