Four Maids!

Today a representative from the pest control company stopped by my house to provide seasonal pest service (an expense worth paying for. When a fly enters my house, all activity stops until that fly is dead. Spraying vinegar at the fly is effective).

The rep who stopped was new to me. I asked about the rep who was servicing my home. He had been promoted to another division.

In making small talk I asked the rep what was his previous area of responsibility? He answered Potomac. Wow, very well-to-do people in that area, I replied. The rep shrugged his shoulders. Then I commented about that area having large & fancy home. He said, right, and some of those homes have four maids.

Four maids. What do they a maid per persons in household? The rep laughed, he wasn’t certain.

Four maids. Wow. And crazy.


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