PCs – a thing of the past?

An op-Ed piece in Friday, January 7th issue of the Wall Street Journal opined that the wave of the future is mobile technology — smartphones & tablets such as the iPad.

There is merit to this opinion piece.

A few years ago a work colleague mentioned she’s not on her home computer that often because “you have to log-on.” She preferred texting friends versus sending e-mail.

I didn’t understand her view point initially but gained an appreciation once I began texting.

I’ve had my iPhone since August of last year. Don’t know how I functioned w/out it. I use my iPhone to check my three email accounts regularly. Because of this mobile access, I may not bother to log on to my home computer for a day or two. And I love having the ability to respond to emails on a timely basis.

But PCs, at least for me, are still a necessity. My home desktop has been running really slow the past few months. I could not download my McAfee anti-virus protection. Even with McAfee personnel remotely attempting to install, it didn’t work.

So I requested help, in the form of my brother-in-law, an IT director at law firm. His assessment: it’s the hard drive. He asked me, when did you purchase this computer? I responded, 2005. He stated, yup, it’s the hard drive. My hard drive is outdated.

And I need to purchase a new PC. I’m scheduled to give three power point presentations in March & May. Plus, I need sufficient capacity for my rental property management software. And, let’s not forget downloading podcasts from iTune.

Hmmm, PCs, a thing of the past? Not so for me 🙂


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