Gym Membership at DPR

Well, not at a “real gym” but at one of the recreation centers operated by the District of Columbia’s Department of Parks & Recreation.

Like so many other Americans, losing weight is one of my new year’s resolution. I didn’t want to use the gym the 1st week. I waited til yesterday evening.

The particular rec center I use is known for the indoor pool. The “gym” at this particular rec center has 2 treadmills, 2 bicycles, 2 stair climbers and some free weights.

Arrived last night about 7:30 and there were several people in this small space. A woman was using one treadmill. I moved to the other one. Couldn’t get it to start. Then someone said, I think it’s broken. Not happy.

So walked over to the exercise bicycle. A woman was using one. As I moved to sit on the other biycle, the woman told me, it’s not working. Peeved.

As I looked around, the woman got off the treadmill. Thank goodness!

Well, after my workout, I realized, you get what you pay for. $60 for 3 month membership. Rather affordable. Would be nice if all the equipment worked.

Luckily there’s another rec center nearby, so I’ll check out their gym room. And, won’t renew my membership. Just need a place to workout until Spring.


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