Unexpected kindness

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the local Rite Aid to purchase a necessary feminine product. After locating the product on the shelf, I walked to checkout. When the cashier was ready to assist me, she asked if I was a Rite Aid member. I responded, no. (In a previous post, I talked about the joy of not having to have a membership card at Rite Aid. The company has now joined the “bandwagon” in issuing those loyalty cards).

The cashier then asked if I wanted to sign up for a Rite Aid card. I declined stating that I don’t shop at this establishment that often (a true statement). Unbeknownst to me the feminine product which I held in my hand was discounted, if one had a loyalty card. The cashier then remarked, I’ll use my card to give you the discount.

Unexpected kindness.

I thanked the cashier for being “too kind.” She saved me about a $1.50 (yes, in this Great Recession, every penny counts).

That cashier did not have to give me that discount, especially once I declined to register for the membership card. But, I wish to acknowledge to the world her kindness.


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