It wasn’t the hard drive after all

As reported in a previous post, I purchased a new computer because, according to my brother-in-law (IT guy), the hard drive was failing.

My new Dell computer arrived last Saturday and yesterday my brother-in-law began set up and installation. At one point my brother-in-law commented the internet connection was slow and thus the installation of software proceeded at a slower pace. Hmmmn, funny, I thought, I had the same problem with my old computer. I asked my brother-in-law if it could be the Linksys card (he showed me it as he removed the Linksys card from the old computer and installed in my new computer). He replied no; likely, the installation is slower because of the wireless connection.

My brother-in-law left my house and then returned later yesterday evening. He initiated installation of another software, Java. That too was moving slow. He left for the night.

I gave him a call later than night and reported the “remaining time” for installation – over two hours. My brother-in-law remarked about how slow the process was taking.

This morning I checked the computer. Remaining time for installation – 35 hours. I, the technological tortoise, knew something was definitely wrong. I texted my brother-in-law.

Having not heard from my brother-in-law, this afternoon I e-mailed him at his job. I explained the remaining hours for installation. I asked, could it be the Linksys card? He sent a reply and agreed the extremely slow download is attributable to the Linksys card.

Well, I’m now thinking – hey, maybe I should keep my old computer and just purchase a new wireless card! Plus, there’s a problem with the new “Dell” computer. The CD/DVD drive is not reading CD/DVD when installed so my brother-in-law could not install some software.

I got a “dud” computer from Dell. Unbelievable (I have purchased 2 previous Dell computers without any problems).

Hmmm, I think keeping the old computer with a new Linksys card is the way to go!


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