The Fanny Pack is Back!

Per an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Fashion Designers are incorporating “bag belts” ( my phrase) strung around the waist. Of course, because of the negative connotations associated with the phrase “fanny pack”, fashion designers are dubbing their “bag belts” with fancy names and hefty price tags.

Am so pleased that the WSJ article concluded by mentioning two ordinary women who use “fanny packs” despite the negative connotations. Both of these women mentioned the usefulness of a fanny pack.

I whole-heartedly agree (my sister, on the other hand, would not be caught dead with one around her waist).

Fanny packs are so useful. I’m able to carry things hands-free such as those bags to clean up after my dog does his business. Or when I bicycle, I can toss my keys, phone, and small tool kit in the fanny back (I used to wear a mini back pack when I bicycled but I find the mini back pack more constraining versus a fanny pack). Moreover, as someone who takes public transportation and also packs her lunch daily, a fanny pack helps reduce the wear on my body by carrying everything by hand or on my back (I use a fanny pack & an over-the-shoulder satchel for my daily commute). And, I occasionally place the fanny pack on my shoulder for a different look. 🙂

I know I’ll never convince my sister but maybe I’ve persuaded you about the value of the fanny pack.

P.S. If you have a huge stomach protruding from your body, a back pack may be more flattering 🙂



  1. Kirsten said,

    March 8, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Response to your PS On the other hand, turn the fanny pack around and wear it in front. It can cover a multitude of sins!

    • March 9, 2011 at 7:48 pm

      I disagree. I think it would accentuate a multitude of sins!

      I do recall years ago working at the Museum Shop at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History. And believe me, some individuals just should NOT wear a fanny pack!

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