I guess certain elected officials have forgotten: there’s still a recession and also the city has a deficit

Sometime last year I discussed on this blog how I would not vote for a certain politician (Kwame Brown) running for office in the District of Columbia because of his poorly managed personal finances (among other things, three credit card companies had sued him). When I voted in the primary & the general election, he did not get my vote.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Executive Chair of the DC Republican Committee entitled “The ‘Fully Loaded’ Democrats Just Don’t Get It.” The e-mail referred to an article in The Washington Post about the Council Chair and the Mayor leasing vehicles at taxpayers’ expense. I stopped subscribing to The Washington Post several months ago. Today my mother gave me the article (on her own volition because she too was disgusted by what she read).

The article is written by Mike DeBonis, appearing on the front page (A1) of the Sunday, February 20, 2011 edition. Following is an excerpt from the article.

Several weeks after Kwame R. Brown was elected D.C. Council chairman in November, city officials were asked to order for him a “fully loaded” Lincoln Navigator L with DVD entertainment system, power moonroof and polished aluminum wheels.

It had to be black – all black, inside and out – and it had to arrive in time for his inauguration Jan. 2, never mind the District’s projected $400 million budget shortfall.

Later, when he was asked on television why taxpayers should foot the $1,900-a-month lease payments, Brown (D) said he had merely requested a black sport-utility vehicle and was driving the vehicle that the District had procured for him.

E-mails written by members of his staff and city officials – and obtained by The Washington Post through the Freedom of Information Act – tell a different story, beginning with a Department of Public Works solicitation in November for a 2011 Lincoln Navigator L series, an extended wheelbase version of the Navigator. The e-mail specified “Fully Loaded Required” and indicated that the vehicle was being sought at Brown’s request.

Paul D. Craney, executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee, asked why Brown is leasing a luxury vehicle when the city is under serious financial pressure.

“It shows his set of priorities, and it’s totally ridiculous to anyone who pays D.C. taxes when they hear this type of story,” Craney said of Brown.

Brown said last week in an interview that he had asked only for a “black-on-black SUV” and regrets the whole affair. “If I had known that this truck was $1,900 a month, I would have never, ever, ever had accepted it,” he said.

As it happened, the District was stuck paying for two Lincoln Navigator L’s after the first arrived with a gray interior and Brown insisted on the black-on-black color scheme, touching off a scramble for the model he wanted. A car dealer ended up driving Brown’s Lincoln from Coldwater, Mich., to the District on Dec. 29 – for an additional $1,500. The District cannot return the one with the gray interior until October.

Why black-on-black? Vehicles with dark interiors, Brown said, tend to hold their value better.

What an OUTRAGE!!! Why do some politicians believe they are kings or millionaires upon entering public office and expect to get whatever they want at the snap of their fingers? Politicians are PUBLIC SERVANTS (they work FOR the taxpayers) and are paid by the taxpayers.

My suggestion – instead of taxpayers paying for the 2nd car (with the gray interior) that Brown did not want, the District government should deduct the $1,785/month lease from Brown’s paycheck.

If Brown wants a life of luxury, GO TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR. Come up with a great idea such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Then, Brown, you can have all the “toys” you want because YOU can afford it.



  1. Kirsten said,

    March 8, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    Can enough people be riled up enough to call for a recall? Here is someone interested in serving only one thing–and it isn’t the public interest!

    • March 9, 2011 at 7:46 pm

      Don’t get me started. This is a politican at the local level (District of Columbia), not at the federal level. His name is Kwame Brown. Wrote an earlier post about him, why I wouldn’t vote for him.

      My concerns about him have been justified!

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