Nickeled & Dimed by Dell

The saga with my new computer, Dell Inspiron 560, continues.

Since I last posted about my “new” computer, problems with downloading are still unresolved. I spoke with the DSL carrier, Verizon. A speed test was conducted. Normal. Some other tests were conducted. Then the Verizon agent asked me for the model number for my modem. When I relayed that information, the Verizon agent remarked, “that’s one of our oldest model.” Verizon sent me a new modem.

But that didn’t solve the download problem. Back to square one.

My brother-in-law though it was the Linksys wireless card. He removed it from the computer. The download problem persists.

Meanwhile my brother-in-law couldn’t get the printer operating. The Dell V505 is compatible with older operating systems but not with Windows 7. My brother-in-law told me to call Dell. I made the call yesterday.

When I called and spoke with a Dell technician and asked for the “patch” or “update” so my V505 printer would communicate with the new Windows 7 operating system, the Dell technician commented, you don’t appear to have the warranty for software. The what? I said I believe the computer came with a year’s warranty. The Dell technician told me the warranty is for the hardware only, not the software. Apparently, to get that update or patch for the Windows 7 operating system, I would need a Dell technical specialist to handle the request. That service can be provided with a one year’s warranty for software at a price of $249.00. I began seeing RED.

Hmmm, why would I pay $249.00 for one year warranty on software? It’s cheaper to buy a new printer that’s compatible with Windows 7.

During the conversation I had explained to the Dell technician that I continued to have problems downloading Java and McAfee. He told me by purchasing the software warranty, a Dell technical specialist could assist me with problems related to Dell software. Well, Java and McAfee aren’t Dell software. The Dell technician became a little too pushy so I told him I would not make ANY decisions about purchasing the software warranty without consulting someone. The Dell technician was willing to wait on hold.

Long story short, I spoke with my brother-in-law, then conferenced him into conversation with Dell technician. My brother-in-law asked all the technical questions and was pretty dissatisfied that Dell would not provide the patch or update without me purchasing the $249.00 software warranty. I ended the call with the Dell technician.

But I still needed a printer. I checked Dell’s website for a printer and then called the sales department. I explained to the Dell sales rep that no one told me my V505 is not compatible with Windows 7 (I purchased the V505 less than two years ago). The Dell sales rep apologized saying that person should have so notified me.

Can’t do anything about that now. I was forced to get a new printer. And I asked the Dell sales rep for a discount since I now had to purchase a printer compatible with my new computer. She had to speak with a supervisor. I was given a $5 discount (there was already an instant discount of $20). The total cost for the new printer, just under $59.00

The Dell sales rep had the audacity to ask me if I wanted a warranty for the printer. I responded, Windows 7 is a new operating system. How long do you think it will be around before there’s a replacement? She responded, in about three years. I then stated, no use in getting a warranty for a printer that, in essence, will be obsolete in 3 years.

I am SO DISSATISFIED with my recent experiences with Dell, I refuse to buy ANYTHING else from Dell (just ink cartridges which I’ll buy at Staples).  My next computer will be a Mac!!



  1. Kirsten said,

    March 8, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    Gee, Dell saw an opportunity to get more money and took it. You can go to the Dell (or any other company’s) website and download new drivers for old-incompatible printers for FREE.

    • March 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm

      Actually, my brother-in-law (IT guy) tried that AND even spoke with a Dell rep about that. Dell would not provide access for Windows 7 download for my older printer without me buying a one year software warranty for $249. Much cheaper to purchase the printer!

      My experience with Dell has been SO NEGATIVE, my next computer will be a Mac. And, I will really need to save to purchase a Mac. Hmmm, more money I need to set aside, this time for my technology fund.

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