$3.46/gallon and that’s the price for regular gasoline

This evening stopped by the gas station across the line in Maryland (at this location, I place the bar on the car before exiting).  I couldn’t believe the price, $3.46/gallon.  And that’s for regular gasoline.  The medium grade gasoline was $3.66/gallon and the premium gasoline was $3.76/gallon.  All the protests in the Middle East/North Africa, particularly in Libya, have caused a spike in oil prices and, in turn, for gasoline.

Great.  Just when there were signs the American economy was beginning to recover, another jolt to the system.

When I pulled up to the gas station, I noticed a lot of people inside the “shop mart.”  Upon entering I quickly discovered they were ALL buying, playing and discussing the lottery. I know gas station owners love “all the feet” that come as a result of the lottery but I feel like I’m in the way when I prepay for gasoline.  And, isn’t that the purpose of a gasoline station, selling gasoline?



  1. Kirsten said,

    March 8, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    I just read an article that said convenience stores that sell gas only make about 4 cents per gallon on the gas they sell. The real profit comes in another form of liquid–the soda and coffee and snacks they sell gas customers who come into the store to pay.

    Here is another reason I think the entire gas price runup is a premeditated, greedy plan by the oil companies and stock manipulators. You hear them excusing the costs as, “We can’t help it. Things are so unsettled in Libya.” BUT WE DON’T GET ANY OIL FROM LIBYA. The USA has been boycotting Libya for years, so it really doesn’t effect us–except as an excuse big business can use to make even bigger profits. The end of the middle class (and the end of economic recovery are truly at hand.)

    • March 9, 2011 at 7:37 pm

      I never thought about that. I believe you are RIGHT, we don’t get OIL FROM LIBYA.

      Yeah, so why are gas prices going up?

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