Helping friends see the (money) light

Don’t you feel good when you help others?  I know I do. 

I’ve been helping others with their personal finances.  I’ve encouraged others to set financial goals whether it is getting out of debt, saving for an emergency fund, saving for retirement or for a down payment on a home. 

At my job I lead a monthly meeting of the Financial Wellness Group.  These meetings are an opportunity to share information, learn from one another’s experiences and to sharpen one’s mind regarding issues of personal finance.

I felt so good yesterday when I received an e-mail from a former work colleague who relocated to Florida over a year ago.  She was determined to pay off her remaining debt (credit cards).  She originally hoped to have the debt paid off last year but had some financial set backs, from the cost of the relocation, to two deaths in the family.

Yesterday she sent me an e-mail saying she is DEBT FREE!  She thanked me for all the assistance and encouragement.  And she had already identified her next financial goal:  saving money to replace her 15-year-old Honda ( and, no she won’t be buying a new car with the accompanying auto loan strung around her neck, but hopefully a gently used car).  Once you get out of debt, you want to avoid new debt like the plague.

The Money Heifer takes great pleasure in helping ordinary Americans avoid serfdom.  Take control of your life.  Save and get rid of debt.


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