Nimby & Banana

Everyone’s familiar with NIMBY = not in my back yard.  I recalled reading an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, about a decade ago, discussing the lack of momentum in having new power plants (including nuclear) built in California.  The author of the opinion piece claimed Californians went beyond NIMBY.  Californians were at the stage of BANANA = build absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody.  Classic.

With the tragedy of Japan fresh in mind, one cannot help to think – wow, the earthquake and tsunami were bad enough.  Now there are problems with the nuclear reactors. 

The demand for electricity is high.  In developed nations such as Japan and the United States, we, as consumers, need more and more electricity to fuel our technological gadgets (iPods, iPads,iPhones and iMacs, etc.).   Nuclear energy appeared to be a viable alternative to meet the need for electricity.  Some even touted it as a “clean& green” alternative to coal. 

Well, I’ve always considered this ( and the recent tragedy in Japan has brought this matter to the forefront), namely, WHY build nuclear power plants in areas near known earthquake fault lines?  Of course some will argue that the problems with the nuclear reactors in Japan are not a result of the earthquake (they withstood the 8.9 quake) but the tsunami.

As we in the United States look for cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives, we should keep in mind certain weather patterns (hurricanes & tornadoes) and avoid building nuclear power plants in areas prone to these forces of nature.  Also, the San Andreas fault line (or the ring of fire around the Pacific), DO NOT BUILD a nuclear power plant in this location.

Hmmm, maybe those “Banana’s” in California were aware of all of these ramifications and thus that’s why they were so adamant!


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