The customer service, of course.

REI (or Recreational Equipment Inc.) is a store for people who love the outdoors – hiking, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, running, cycling, camping, etc. 

I’ve been a member for about 5 or 6 years.   I usually buy clothing and knickknacks from REI but last year I purchased my 1st road bike  and I got it at REI (significant discount on bikes in December).

I didn’t ride the road bike much last year.  My goal this year is to bike a century.  So, as I am on “injured reserve” from Boot Camp [left elbow issue  due to those push-ups I detest], I decided NOW was the time to prepare for my racing competition and biking the century.   Yesterday morning I got up, jumped rope 500 times and did my run.  This morning was “bicycle day.”  There were two problems this morning:  (a) rather dark and had no lights on my bike and (b) the seat was a tad high and it became rather uncomfortable riding (still feeling residual effect as I type this post).

So this evening I went to REI to have the seat adjusted downward and to get some lights.  The REI employee at the College Park, Maryland location was terrific.  He made the necessary adjustments after instructing me to sit on the bike.  Then I showed him printouts of the front light and rear light I wanted for the bike.

At one point I asked this employee – where do you recommend I place the rear light?  He gave me his answer and also suggested I purchase two rear lights (because you can never be too careful).  Me, the damsel in distress, wanted to ask the REI employee to install my lights on my bike but I hesitated.   Luckily the employee OFFERED to install the lights on my bike.   I gladly (& gratefully) accepted.

Love REI.  Real customer service.  That’s a trait that’s in short supply. 

The membership fee (one time fee) is $20 (was $15 when I joined).  Besides the great customer service, REI offers classes (both free and some low cost ones).  And I believe you can still arrange an adventurous vacation with REI.

If you have never visited REI, check it out.  To find the store nearest you, go to http://www.rei.com.


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