NCAA’s March Madness On Demand

Okay, “the dance” started yesterday (sort of).  Sorry for those eight schools playing yesterday and this evening, but THE REAL DANCE starts tomorrow.

As readers of this blog know, The Money Heifer does not have cable.  But The Money Heifer is a HUGE college basketball fan.  And ALL the games will be aired this year but a lot of the games are on cable.  This makes The Money Heifer sad.  😦

 And at my job, as I anticipated, today the head of IT sent out the dreaded e-mail warning employees not to stream videos of March Madness on our work computers (and basically not to be checking online for scores periodically).  Boy, that sucks.  In the past my “solution” was to bring a radio to work.  At least I could listen to the games in my office.

But, I now have an iPhone.  Can the iPhone deliver me from the dreaded IT restrictions?

Yesterday, in preparation for the draconian edict from IT,  I searched for an “app” to keep abreast of the games.  One of the results of the search was “NCAA’s March Madness on Demand.”  The app was free (the ideal price for The Money Heifer) so I downloaded the app.

Didn’t “check out” this app until 15 minutes ago.  I was asked to provide  name, address, zip code and e-mail.  I did.  And, I’m watching the game on my iPhone.  Life is great !

THRILLED I can watch the games on my iPhone. I know, it’s a tiny screen.  But as a “beggar”, I cannot be a “chooser.”


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