Fitness & Money, Part II

Why did I ever think running is an inexpensive activity?   I’m learning it’s not.

I’ve registered for the Zooma 10K in Annapolis – cost $45 + fee  = $49.

I’ve registered for the Baltimore Marathon – cost $85 + fee = $88.

I e-mailed a friend who registered for the Baltimore Marathon (and who has competed before) and asked if she plans to stay overnight or depart early the morning of the race.  She replied, you need to be in town the night before.  She staying at a friend’s place.

My sister competed in Zooma 10K in Annapolis the previous year.  She departed early in the morning and drove to Annapolis.  I started thinking – maybe it’s smarter to make hotel reservations.

I called The Westin in Annapolis, the official hotel for the Zooma 10K.  All rooms set aside for the race have been booked (and the race is not til June 5th!).  So I asked if there are discounts available for USAA or AAA members or federal government employees.  No other discounts permitted.  I then asked what’s the regular rate.  It was over $200.  I made it clear, too rich for my blood.  But luckily there’s another hotel nearby, Sheraton Annapolis.  With my federal government id, the rate is $114 for one night + tax + car fee.  So, I estimate the cost of a one night stay in Annapolis will be about $150.

I then checked the website for the Baltimore Marathon, found the list of hotels, and called the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor.  I gave the receptionist the “code” for the Baltimore Marathon, expecting a decent discount for the room.  The price she quoted me, $175.  Hello.  I then inquired about discounts for USAA membership, AAA membership or federal government employee.  The cheapest rate available – $144 + tax (plus fee for parking car) for one night.  I may be paying $175 for the one night stay.

Hmmm, maybe registering for non local races wasn’t so bright of an idea after all.

Meanwhile a friend told me about Galloway training program (to prepare for a marathon).  She sent me the link.  When I saw the price – $159 – my initial reaction – NO WAY.  Plus, I thought, I don’t have time to run with a group except on the weekend and I don’t want to drive a great distance to meet the group.  My friend sent a follow-up e-mail saying the group meets just on Saturday.

Should I do this?  Maybe I should just purchase a marathon “app” for $2.00.  I decided to ask another friend.  Turns out she joined the Galloway training program in the past and talked about how great it is.

This friend’s enthusiasm was enough to convince me to go to the free information session on April 9th. 

So far I’ve spent = $137 to register for two races.  Reservations for one-night stays in Annapolis and Baltimore would cost approximately $325.  Then the Galloway training is $159 (hopefully there are no extra fees).  I need to purchase a good pair of running shoes, projected cost = $125.  Additional running tops, bottoms & socks, projected cost = $150 – $200.

Total projected cost between $896 – $946.  No, running is not cheap.


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