What YOU can learn from VCU

Okay, not everyone is watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  VCU stands for Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Two weeks ago, when the Selection Committee announced VCU as one of the schools invited to The Big Dance, many analysts were OUTRAGED!  Jay Bilas, Dick Vitale and others – Virginia Tech and Colorado DESERVE to play in The Big Dance, but not VCU.

So what did VCU do?  First, let me state that VCU didn’t bother to watch “Selection Sunday” believing they would not be selected.

Okay, so once selected, what did VCU do?  They took ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY to play in The Big Dance.  As an 11th seeded team, VCU won each game, making it to the Final Four.  Their most impressive win was yesterday, when they beat the last #1 seed, Kansas, 71 – 61.  And VCU had a much tougher road than George Mason, the last 11th seeded team to make it to the Final Four.  VCU had to win five games to make it to the Final Four, whereas George Mason had to win four games.

So, how does VCU relate to personal finance? 

YOU must have confidence in yourself.  YOU must be focused on your personal finance goals, whether it is saving money for retirement, paying off credit card debt, saving for a car, saving for a child’s college education, building an emergency fund, etc.

Maybe, for support, you “declare” your financial goals to friends and family.   And those close to you may be like the analysts who were outraged that VCU was selected for The Big Dance.  These friends/family may poke fun at you, call you weird, tease you about lacking commitment, etc.  Don’t let those opinions drag you down.  In fact, use those non-supportive comments to motivate you.  Write those non-supportive comments on a piece of paper and post them on the refrigerator or the mirror in the bedroom or bathroom.  You want to see those non-supportive comments daily.  You want to prove your friends/family wrong.

Whether VCU beats Butler on Saturday or not, VCU is an inspiration for so many.  Don’t quit.  Keep plugging away.  And you will succeed!


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