“Gold Standard” of Medical Care

I don’t even want to add up the total amount of money I’ve spent in just over a month at Friendship Hospital for Animals including a bill for $239 yesterday.  I took my dog to Friendship specifically for a blood test for the liver (along with certain annual tests and booster shot). 

Just under a month ago I took my dog to Friendship regarding his chronic cough.  An X-ray was taken.  Later a radiologist commented that the liver appeared “a little enlarged.”  So the veterinarian recommended a blood test to make sure nothing is wrong with my dog’s liver.

Today I got a call from the veterinarian.  The result of the blood test for the liver was great.  Everything tested normal.  Then the veterinarian told me if I wanted to go an extra step, I could request an “ultrasound” of the liver.  I declined this option because it didn’t seem necessary and frankly appeared to be nothing but a waste of money (money that I don’t have).  The veterinarian responded she was just “explaining all my options.” 

In a previous conversation this veterinarian mentioned, “and if you want the gold standard of medical care,” I could request certain tests or procedure to rule out certain conditions.  I declined.

A “gold standard” of medical care requires one to have unlimited funds.  I’m not in that category.

And, the veterinarians are pitching (yes, selling) “high-end” veterinary care for your pet.  As a pet owner you  need to know when to say NO.


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