Galloway Training Program vs. Raised Garden Kit

For those of you who took economics, you may recall a hypothetical about “guns v. butter” – basically, how should a government allocate its limited funds (by the way, let’s be honest, there is almost always a shortage of “butter” but not a shortage of “guns”).   Anyway I faced a comparable decision on Saturday.

I’ve registered for the Baltimore Marathon and a couple of friends recommended Galloway Training Program. There was a free information session in Fairfax, Virginia (virtually an hour’s drive away starting at 8:30 a.m.).   Arriving late I listened to the presentation and asked a few questions then left (because I had to be home between 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. for Western Pest Service – seasonal pest inspection).  This training program costs $159.

Meanwhile, the day before, a friend sent me a text with photo attached (haven’t figured out how to do that) of a raised garden kit at Costco.  In fact, he told me about two different kits at Costco.  The one he recommended cost $99.

So, should I pay for the training program or purchase the raised garden kit?  There were already a couple of “cons” about the training program.  First, the location – Arlington, Va.   Although the group is called “Metro DC Galloway Training Program,” they might as well call it “Northern Virginia Galloway Training Program.”   When I lived along the SW Waterfront, Arlington was a 10 minute drive.  However, in my presentation location, it is at least a 30 or 40 minute drive.  Second, I prefer to do my long runs on Sunday, not Saturday as planned by the “Metro DC Galloway Training Program.”  The program sounds very supportive and I know I would benefit, but the distance (and having to ensure I get up really early on Saturday to arrive on time) were the main drawbacks.

Meanwhile I really wanted the raised garden kit.  I have plans to extend my vegetable gardening for this year. A raised garden kit would satisfy that need.

So, unable to decide, I asked for the opinion of the friend who sent me the text with photo.

What should I do – spend $160 to join a structured running group in prep for October marathon or $100 for raised bed?

My friend responded with this text

Well if U really want a raised garden I doubt that U can get that size & quality any cheaper.  I guess it’s a possibility to train 4 the marathon without paying 2B part of a group.  I assume U can find info online. Then it just takes discipline.

I texted “thanks.”

I made the trip to Costco and decided to purchase the raised garden kit. And on the box of the kit it stated I needed a weed protector so I found such an item at Costco.  Then I purchased two packs of gardening gloves for women.  Total cost $160.02.

I will look for running groups in my local area (though I don’t see many; don’t people exercise in this part of town!).  And to remain discipline and on track, I will purchase an app after I complete my 10K on 5 June.


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