Welcome to the Neighborhood

Last Saturday morning, after a trip to the Arlington Courthouse Farmers’ Market, I drove to Pentagon Row.  I had not patronized this shopping complex in several months.  I saw a sign about a USAA event but didn’t pay much attention.

After completing my shopping, I exited Pentagon Row.  As I drove past the “center court” area – where the DSW and Hudson Trailer Outfitter stores are located – I saw lots of signs for USAA.  I pulled my car over to the side, exited the car, walked to the center court area, and approached one of the tables. 

I learned a USAA Financial Center has opened at Pentagon Row.  I’ve been with USAA for many years, since my days as an U.S. Air Force Officer.  I have my auto and homeowner’s insurance policies with USAA.   I also do banking with this institution – savings account, checking account and my sole credit card.

Neat!  USAA finally has a branch in the DC area, across from the Pentagon.  Don’t know what took  so long.  There are tons of active duty military members, reservists, separated military members (like me) and retirees in the DC area.  But am excited to have USAA in my back yard. 

Welcome to the neighborhood  🙂


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